Snitches Get Stitches: The Code of The Streets (Short, 2015), Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Sneakers: It's Complicated (Short, 2017) Director/Cinematographer/Editor 

Not Funny Enough (Narrative, 2018) Director/Cinematographer/Writer/Editor

I Think I Can (Short, 2018) Director/Cinematographer/Editor 

How to Get Away with Kanye (Narrative, 2018) Director/Cinematographer/Writer/Editor 

The Color of Skin (Short, 2019) Director/Editor/Producer

Steppin' Through Time (Short, 2019) Director/Cinematographer/Editor

M.Wags: In Focus (Short/Verite, 2019) Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Alone in America (Short/Verite, 2019) Director/Cinematographer/Editor